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19 September 2013
The Last Night of the Proms.
01 August 2013
Guilt lies with those who could have prevented it.
27 July 2013
I had the good fortune to spend a couple of days at the Lord’s Test, during which Australia lived down to...
Music and Performance
18 July 2013
The Scottish play, de profundis.
25 June 2013
An interview with the First Minister.
08 May 2013
An interview with Tony Little.
The Staggers
17 April 2013
The Tories' legacy of bitterness.
The Staggers
12 April 2013
The New Statesman was launched 100 years ago today and, as we celebrate with the publication of our centenary issue...
12 April 2013
Melvyn Bragg has described how he discovered the New Statesman in the library of his grammar school in Wigton, Cumbria...
The Staggers
27 March 2013
He is indeed not coming back, and Labour has lost one of its brightest and best.
Music and Performance
07 March 2013
The last king of Scotland.
21 February 2013
Divisive arguments and musical nostalgia.
The Staggers
15 February 2013
No event since the 1984 miners’ strike has divided the left more than the Iraq war. Friendships were ended,...
The Staggers
14 February 2013
It was a good speech from Ed Miliband today. He’s clearly been reading the New Statesman, which endorsed his bid...