Jane Shilling is a book critic for the Telegraph and the author of two books: The Fox in the Cupboard and The Stranger in the Mirror, a memoir of middle age, published in 2011. She writes on books for the New Statesman. 

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12 December 2013
Nanny knows best.
31 October 2013
Put yourself away.
24 October 2013
Ravishingly beautiful writing from a rock-star novelist.
06 August 2013
A Long Walk Home by Judith Tebbutt.
04 July 2013
On Jay Griffiths, George Monbiot, Sylvain Tesson and Philip Hoare.
31 January 2013
How to raise your child.
03 January 2013
The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves Stephen Grosz Chatto & Windus, 240pp, £14.99 What,...
08 August 2012
The Daylight Gate Jeanette Winterson Hammer, 208pp £9.99 The most notorious witch trials in English history...
23 May 2012
The Man Within My Head: Graham Greene, My Father and Me Pico Iyer Bloomsbury, 256pp, £16.99 It is not unusual...
05 March 2012
Aftermath: on Marriage and Separation Rachel CuskFaber & Faber, 160pp, £12.99In her memoir A Life's Work (2001),...
11 March 2011
The alchemy that drives literary fashion is as mysterious and inexplicable as that of haute couture. More so, indeed,...
07 August 2008
After the works, the life. There used to be a donnish school of thought which considered that a body of work was all...
05 June 2008
Stuck to the lamp posts of urban streets, their small narratives of bereavement blurred by sun and rain, their fuzzy...