Jane Shilling is a book critic for the Telegraph and the author of two books: The Fox in the Cupboard and The Stranger in the Mirror, a memoir of middle age, published in 2011. She writes on books for the New Statesman. 

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Cultural Capital
11 June 2015
Windows on the sole.
Cultural Capital
05 December 2014
Tulle, Tulle much.
Cultural Capital
13 November 2014
Conspicuous anonymity.
Cultural Capital
16 October 2014
A new autobiography.
Cultural Capital
29 August 2014
The will to die.
Cultural Capital
26 August 2014
Eccentrically touching.
Cultural Capital
12 June 2014
A girl named Hana.
Cultural Capital
30 May 2014
His eye is as acute as his ear.
Cultural Capital
14 April 2014
A disturbingly funny account of sibling loss.
20 March 2014
A new collection of short stories by the Orange prize-winning American writer startles with its glittering precision.
Cultural Capital
06 March 2014
The 20th century paradigm shift.
23 January 2014
The Erl-King and The Foundling Boy.