UK Politics
02 December 2013
The 1707 Act of Union between Scotland and England was described by Daniel Defoe as one "of policy" and...
21 November 2013
"It should not be forgotten", wrote William Hazlitt in his classic essay On the Ignorance of the Learned,...
The Staggers
11 May 2013
Today politicians are fearful of the potential "breakthrough" of a nationalist separatist party with a...
The Staggers
25 October 2011
The Ministry of Justice's statistical report published yesterday into the riots must bring misery to the ears of those...
The Staggers
30 August 2011
Perhaps it was wrong to except much of a Telegraph article that begins with "in my day". Brendan O'Neil, who...
The Staggers
30 March 2011
This week Michael Gove announced the government's plans to replace the £550m Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) with...
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26 March 2011
The Chancellor's key soundbite during his Budget speech was that Britain will be "held aloft by the march of the...
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01 February 2011
Myth busting
The Staggers
21 October 2010
Last week the debate around tuition fees focused on whether it would put people from low-income backgrounds off going...