James Maxwell is a Scottish political journalist. He is based between Scotland and London.

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20 August 2013
The discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea in the late 1960s and early ‘70s had a transformative effect on...
The Staggers
01 August 2013
Unionists are ahead in the poll but losing the argument.
The Staggers
19 July 2013
2007 was a good year for nationalist parties in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. In addition to the SNP winning...
26 June 2013
For some months after the SNP defied electoral arithmetic to secure majority status at Holyrood in 2011, its control of...
The Staggers
24 May 2013
Contrary to his subsequent assertions, the protest which greeted Nigel Farage on his trip to Edinburgh last week was...
The Staggers
01 May 2013
Against expectations, the Chancellor’s visit to Glasgow last week was a success. Speaking to a gathering of...
The Staggers
02 April 2013
In 1968, Mick McGahey, president of the National Union of Mineworkers in Scotland, attacked nationalism, an...
The Staggers
28 February 2013
The publication earlier this month of the first report by the Scottish government’s Fiscal Commission Working...
The Staggers
24 January 2013
By the time Mitt Romney formally launched his bid for the US presidency in late summer 2012, the race for the White...
The Staggers
30 November 2012
For a while, the fallout from the Tommy Sheridan affair and the virtual collapse of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP)...
The Staggers
18 October 2012
The issue of defence has always been problematic for the Scottish National Party (SNP). The importance of British...
The Staggers
31 July 2012
There has been almost as much speculation about the timing of the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) referendum on...
The Staggers
16 July 2012
Left-wing supporters of the Union often accuse the Scottish National Party (SNP) of pursuing constitutional change at...
The Staggers
02 July 2012
Martin McGuinness’s meeting with the Queen in Belfast this week raised concerns among some Sinn Fein supporters...
The Staggers
11 April 2012
A row was provoked last week when it emerged that the Scottish government’s public consultation on the...