16 May 2013
An interview with Haytham Manna.
21 February 2013
Lawrence Wright's book reviewed.
24 March 2011
For ten years between 1991 and 2001, officially I didn't exist. I remember receiving the lengthy form for the 1991...
30 April 2009
James Harkin
15 January 2007
Miniature phones you carry in your pocket and that use satellite tracking technology to pinpoint your location to just...
20 November 2006
H G Wells, in his classic 1895 novel The Time Machine, told the story of an inventor who teleported himself far into...
UK Politics
06 November 2006
Trend watchers should take their hats off to the versatility of Team David Cameron. No sooner had the Tory leader tried...
22 September 2003
London, 2010: in a city brought to its knees by cyber-terrorism and the deliberate contamination of its water supply by...
12 May 2003
The future's so bright, I had to wear shades. Just outside Nice, in the gated luxury of the Cote d'Azur, I joined a...
10 February 2003
A couple of weeks ago, while journalists were thumbing gloomily through the CBI's quarterly survey of industrial trends...
16 December 2002
Anyone remember Bagpuss? For the uninitiated, Bagpuss was a lackadaisical toy cat who slept in the window of an...
18 June 2001
In a recent newspaper interview, Kalle Lasn was interrogated about Adbusters, the Canadian anti-advertising magazine...
21 August 2000
The recent auction of puppets from the Spitting Image TV series was a poignant reminder of the death of political...
22 May 2000
Released to a fanfare of outraged publicity in Paris nearly two years ago, Les Particules Elementaires quickly became a...
13 March 2000
Imagine, as a friend of mine did recently, the following morbid and highly improbable scenario. You're a passenger on...