Ian Steadman is a staff science and technology writer at the New Statesman. He is on Twitter as @iansteadman.

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Future Proof
13 November 2014
Money before science.
Future Proof
30 October 2014
Valley speak.
Future Proof
23 October 2014
MIT estimate.
Future Proof
22 October 2014
Only a temporary win.
Future Proof
09 October 2014
People want to be free.
Future Proof
08 October 2014
Bad science and bad reporting.
Future Proof
01 October 2014
Also makes digital backups legal.
Future Proof
30 September 2014
Environmental disaster.
Future Proof
22 September 2014
Science from US and India.
The Staggers
12 September 2014
Justice only for those who can afford.
Future Proof
11 September 2014
Forensic Architecture and bellingcat.
Future Proof
08 September 2014
Was the Ripper Aaron Kosminski?