Ian Mulheirn is the director of the Social Market Foundation.

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17 June 2013
Generous benefits stop people working. That view, crudely put, is at the centre of the political debate about...
20 May 2013
The government is making it worse.
The Staggers
15 March 2013
In its effort to save money on the working age welfare bill, the government has used some bold imagery. The Chancellor...
Economics blog
01 February 2013
Demand-friendly cuts and tax rises will boost UK PLC now.
The Staggers
05 December 2012
Today’s Autumn Statement was a strange creature. The Chancellor has gone to great lengths to implement a bunch of...
The Staggers
13 November 2012
The Autumn Statement is now just over three weeks away and a sense of déjà vu hangs over the scene. In...
Economics blog
20 July 2012
Yesterday’s IMF country report for the UK had something for everyone in the debate about fiscal policy and growth...
Economics blog
17 April 2012
The tax relief cap can work
18 March 2012
The Social Market Foundation tells George Osborne what it wants to hear in the 2012 Budget. If George Osborne does one...
The Staggers
22 November 2011
Yesterday the government unveiled its housing strategy to "get the housing market moving again". The...