Hunter Davies is a journalist, broadcaster and profilic author perhaps best known for writing about the Beatles. He is an ardent Tottenham fan and writes a regular column on football for the New Statesman.

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20 September 2012
When I was 11, having just arrived from Scotland, the head of the secondary technical school I was being sent to asked...
12 September 2012
Instead, follow an artist like Dimitar Berbatov.
05 September 2012
The new season seems to have been here for, well, not long really. Still can’t get my head round Van Persie in a...
09 May 2012
Surprise of the Season Roy Hodgson getting the England job. That fettled the tabloids – think they are so clever...
03 May 2012
  At long last, the National Football Museum is opening in Manchester in July. It used to be at...
26 April 2012
Watching the Spanish Clasico last weekend – which was excellent, how could you take your eye off it? – I...
18 April 2012
Boo the club.
04 April 2012
  Have you noticed how smart Stuart Pearce has become? The minute he became acting England manager, he started...
29 March 2012
I remember, about two months ago, the herd - following the masters-of-the-obvious Match of the Day pundits - saying...
26 March 2012
This is not a time for self-flagellation, just because our two top teams got stuffed in Europe by middling clubs and...
15 March 2012
After every Big Game, such as an England international or a Cup Final, all newspapers give a rating out of ten for...
05 March 2012
My next-door neighbour Ian, who is a Gooner, asked me if I would like a ticket for the Big Match. His friend Chris,...
27 February 2012
It is 20 years ago this week that the Premier League was born. On 20 February 1992, the 22 clubs in the old First...
20 February 2012
For the past 30 years, whenever a new Tottenham manager has been appointed, I have sent him a copy of The Glory Game, a...
12 February 2012
I have lived such an innocent, pure, virtuous life. I've never smoked, though both my parents did, and I've never taken...