10 December 2009
The Price war
23 April 2009
In 2005, the American movie actor Bruce Willis placed a personal bounty of $1m on the head of Osama Bin Laden....
12 February 2009
Lucky Kunst: the Rise and Fall of Young British Art Gregor Muir Aurum Press, 250pp, £14.99 "Ever feel like you've been...
28 August 2008
This is a highly dubious addition to any reference library. A brazen interloper on the shelf, it will grope your...
24 July 2006
Most composers do not take kindly to audiences nodding off during their concerts. But Sky Orchestra, an experimental...
05 June 2006
The mud, the marquees, the crowds: Hay-on-Wye's literary festival is getting more like Glastonbury every year. But one...