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Helen Lewis
05 October 2011
The oddest interview
Helen Lewis
03 October 2011
Do not adjust your Newstatesman.com but there's one bit of George Osborne's speech to the Conservative party conference...
Helen Lewis
27 September 2011
I know it's the season for political kite-flying but I have to confess that I'm completely taken aback by the idea of...
The Staggers
14 September 2011
Johann Hari has admitted to altering quotes from interviewees, in a "personal apology" posted on the...
TV and Radio
12 September 2011
Anna Friel
The Staggers
11 September 2011
In the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four commercial airliners, piloting two in to the...
The Staggers
10 September 2011
Tony Blair has sparred with John Humphrys over his prime ministerial record.The BBC Today interviewer asked Blair...
01 September 2011
In the darkness appears a flickering image: a flower blooming. Crude as it is, this grainy film from the 1890s is the...
Helen Lewis
26 August 2011
Martin Kettle has an interesting piece on Comment Is Free today, arguing that "the current satirical onslaught...
22 August 2011
Ranulph Fiennes
Helen Lewis
08 August 2011
Are violent video games ever to blame for acts of real-world violence? The question came up again in the wake of Anders...
Helen Lewis
04 August 2011
I don't like to boast but, in my time, I've scored a goal in the World Cup Final, got a hole-in-one at St Andrews and...
Helen Lewis
03 August 2011
And so the serpent of news eats its own tail. On Monday's Daily Show, the host, Jon Stewart, reacted to the fact that...
Helen Lewis
01 August 2011
The video game