Helen Lewis is deputy editor of the New Statesman. She tweets @helenlewis

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Helen Lewis
05 November 2011
Monster and genius
Helen Lewis
03 November 2011
Women bloggers speak out
Helen Lewis
01 November 2011
Last words
Helen Lewis
26 October 2011
Rob Brydon
20 October 2011
Where does Syria's future lie -- and is Bashar Al-Assad part of the problem, or part of the solution? What should the...
Helen Lewis
19 October 2011
With the Ricky Gervais debate rumbling away (see Steven Baxter's take here), it seems that the question of comedy and...
Helen Lewis
18 October 2011
Gillian Anderson
The Staggers
17 October 2011
Following the success of her guest edit in April, Jemima Khan will be joining the New Statesman as Associate Editor...
17 October 2011
The one thing the travel books don't mention about Las Vegas is that it is dry -- a kind of dryness that just isn't...
Helen Lewis
11 October 2011
All-male panel show line-ups are making me lose my sense of humour.
10 October 2011
They're cute, they're distinctive - and they're endangered. The 60 per cent decline in Tasmanian devils over the past...
Helen Lewis
05 October 2011
The oddest interview
Helen Lewis
03 October 2011
Do not adjust your Newstatesman.com but there's one bit of George Osborne's speech to the Conservative party conference...
Helen Lewis
27 September 2011
I know it's the season for political kite-flying but I have to confess that I'm completely taken aback by the idea of...
The Staggers
14 September 2011
Johann Hari has admitted to altering quotes from interviewees, in a "personal apology" posted on the...