Helen Lewis is deputy editor of the New Statesman. She tweets @helenlewis

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The Staggers
15 September 2012
Today's Daily Telegraph carries an interview with Ed Miliband, written by former editor Charles Moore. In it, the...
Helen Lewis
15 September 2012
A call to Laurence Pieau.
The Staggers
11 September 2012
Tessa Jowell has quit the shadow cabinet, saying that it's "job done" now that the Olympics and...
Helen Lewis
10 September 2012
In its most recent issue, Vanity Fair published a piece by Maureen Orth on the Church of Scientology, which encompassed...
Helen Lewis
06 September 2012
Leon Knight was a footballer. At the age of 29, he finds himself without a club, after he was released from Glentoran...
05 September 2012
The smell of patchouli pervades throughout.
Helen Lewis
04 September 2012
The Vagina author's odd comments on Newsnight.
Star Spangled Staggers
19 August 2012
This is an odd little story. For some days now, the journalist Ali Abunimah has been raising concerns about the hiring...
The Staggers
18 August 2012
"There is no plan B," declared George Osborne in October 2010, as he slashed public spending to reduce the...
15 August 2012
Women, yes, but still funny.
Helen Lewis
13 August 2012
OK, I'm not getting my controllers in a twist over this, but it is worth noting. When describing the sequel to...
Helen Lewis
12 August 2012
Surely the highlight of the Olympic closing ceremony was the quick cutaway to the VIP area during the Spice Girls...
World Affairs
08 August 2012
An interview with Amanda Feilding.
07 August 2012
The world is a more drab place.