Hazel Blears is MP for Salford, and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. She has served as Chair of the Labour Party, as Home Office Minister, and as Public Health Minister.

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11 November 2008
The white paper Communities In Control, and the points I made in my Hansard speech last week, are firmly decentralist,...
01 October 2008
I turned a few heads this week by appearing at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham....
19 September 2008
The Labour Party meets in Manchester this week against a turbulent economic backcloth. Most people will be watching the...
UK Politics
13 June 2008
The overwhelming reaction to David Davis’ resignation yesterday was bewilderment. People couldn’t understand why...
23 May 2008
The result of the Crewe...
UK Politics
27 September 2007
I’ve lost count of the number of journalists who’ve asked when the election is coming, including at 6.30am on GMTV. The...