Harwinder Singh is a 26-year-old Law graduate turned film and TV producer. He is also a record label boss. Born in the UK to Punjabi parents, he been practising and studying the Sikh Way of Life for about 20 years.

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01 February 2007
Watching a game of football is a national pastime in the UK and one that I partake of as regularly as possible. The...
31 January 2007
If there is one thing that I hate doing, it is admitting when I am wrong. I am comfortable compiling my finances; I can...
30 January 2007
As a producer, I like to spend a great deal of time researching current programming on television stations across the...
29 January 2007
“The Lord works in mysterious ways!” declared the preacher at Piccadilly Circus. Many of you may know who I am talking...