17 November 2011
Over the weekend, the Sunday Times reported that Denis Avey, the author of the memoir The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz...
10 November 2011
Yawn. It's the wretched poppy debate again. It comes up every year, although this time it's marginally more interesting...
TV and Radio
08 November 2011
How many history books have you seen emblazoned with the words, "a new history"? A lot, I'll warrant,...
04 November 2011
Ostentatious shows of wealth didn’t detract from the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s generosity. Is there anybody...
27 July 2011
We can't dismiss the killer as "nuts".
26 July 2011
Dear Andreas Whittam Smith CBE,For the past few weeks, you have been spending these days of nascent summer...
04 July 2011
Over the weekend, I read the defences made by Peter Preston and Mark Lawson for Johann Hari's plagiarism - for that is...
01 July 2011
If you look at the text below, you'll find an interview with the activist and former Afghan politician Malalai Joya...
29 June 2011
More allegations
28 June 2011
Churnalism row
16 June 2011
Last month, Orion published a book by one Annie Jacobsen called Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret...