27 June 2012
Soul Music: the Pulse of Race and Music by Candace Allen, Gibson Square, 192pp, £11.99 Much has happened since...
31 October 2011
Derrida: a Very Short Introduction Simon GlendinningOxford University Press, 144pp, £7.99I don't usually stalk...
Music and Performance
23 August 2010
Danish National Symphony OrchestraBBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London W8While Roger Wright was preparing to take over...
24 June 2010
Fans of the campus novel keep a special place on their shelves for Morris Zapp, the cocksure protagonist of David Lodge...
27 August 2009
"Birds whistle, man alone sings, and one cannot hear either a song or an instrumental piece without immediately...
Music and Performance
09 July 2009
A defence
Music and Performance
13 March 2008
"Contains nudity and violence", cautioned the publicity material for Covent Garden's new production of Salome, rather...
14 June 2007
From the Bastille in 1789 to Wham!'s 1980s pop anthem, mankind's cries for freedom occur with perhaps more regularity...