27 April 2013
The number of victims continues to rise.
International Politics
26 March 2009
‘‘Little short of hell on earth” is how Kofi Annan once described the situation in Darfur. Ever since the brutal,...
Human Rights
28 February 2008
Aster Fissehatsion is a former director of the ministry of labour and social affairs in Eritrea. She has been...
World Affairs
14 August 2006
When the New Statesman asked me to submit a nomination for a poll of "heroes of our time" a few months ago, Aung San...
Human Rights
30 January 2006
Saida Abdukarim was eight months pregnant and tending her vegetables when she was raped and beaten by men who told her...
17 October 2005
The economist Jeffrey Sachs has written the definitive account of how we can and must work collectively to end world...
19 June 2000
Returning to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, following my fact-finding, joint EU-ACP mission to the Solomon...