07 March 2013
Ghosts in the machine.
Food and Drink
06 December 2012
The sandwiched generation.
Cultural Capital
10 October 2012
I now realise (what took me so long?) that the perfect medium for expressing despair, desire, joy, friendship and the...
Cultural Capital
14 September 2012
The Taming of the Shrew is not, perhaps, the easiest of Shakespeare’s comedies to love. Rather like dealing with...
Cultural Capital
24 July 2012
London may be a hot and flustered Olympic host this summer, but a small, perfectly formed exhibition celebrates our...
Cultural Capital
19 June 2012
You may have caught James Corden’s lachrymose, personal pronoun-challenged speech as he collected the Best Actor...
Cultural Capital
25 April 2012
  Misterman (at the National Theatre until 28 May) starts sweetly enough. Cillian Murphy (star of Solar, 28...
Cultural Capital
16 April 2012
When asked how it felt to hold her very own Olivier award, Eleanor Cox-Worthington (aged 10) said, “very heavy....
Cultural Capital
29 March 2012
Here's a challenge: stage bits of the New Testament alongside anti-Stalinist satire; throw in some flying witches...
Cultural Capital
28 February 2012
"Available for hire: Messrs Donnellan and Ormerod. Theatrical salvage and revamp. Classic plays stripped down,...
Cultural Capital
02 February 2012
Adapt or die, goes the old saying. But in the case of Birdsong maybe it's adapt and die. I've now sat through versions...
Cultural Capital
27 January 2012
When a play starts with the act of auto-fellatio, performed by a puppet, you know you're not in Kansas any more. Simon...
Cultural Capital
23 January 2012
Seriously, what is it with Downton Abbey? Eleven million of the credulous suckered in the States, a valise full of...
Cultural Capital
17 January 2012
The original story for the 1955 film The Ladykillers came to scriptwriter Bill Rose in a dream (as, apparently, did the...
Cultural Capital
21 December 2011
Do you, from time to time, set your house in order, fall flat on your face, pour out your heart and by the skin of your...