The Staggers
20 March 2013
"It is a Budget for an aspiration nation."
The Staggers
08 October 2012
In 1972, when a Conservative Prime Minister, two years into office, was faced with economic problems and over-powerful...
21 March 2012
Mr Deputy Speaker, this Budget rewards work.Britain is going to earn its way in the world.There is no other road to...
UK Politics
30 November 2011
Mr Speaker.Let me start by placing squarely before the House of Commons and the British public the economic situation...
03 October 2011
Today, all around our country - indeed, all around the world - people are anxious, worried about their jobs, their...
The Staggers
16 September 2011
Let me congratulate the Telegraph for organising this Festival of Business.The people in this room come from all parts...
23 March 2011
Mr Deputy Speaker, last year's emergency Budget was about rescuing the nation's finances, and paying for the mistakes...