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The Staggers
03 July 2009
Philip Blond explains how to recapitalise the poor and free them from welfare dependence in the Guardian. In the...
International Politics
02 July 2009
When and how did you begin reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? I'm writing a book about the West Bank city...
The Staggers
30 June 2009
In the Financial Times Niall Ferguson and Glen O'Hara explain why the odds are against a Conservative majority at the...
The Staggers
29 June 2009
The Guardian's Jackie Ashley urges Labour to focus on the right-wing nature of many of the 'New Tories' rather than on...
25 June 2009
10 controversies
The Staggers
24 June 2009
Simon Jenkins argues that the Labour Party was "dismantled,ideologically and constitutionally" by the Blairites. The...
International Politics
23 June 2009
Maziar Bahari, a Newsweek reporter who contributed several articles to the New Statesman's special report on Iran last...
28 May 2009
Conservative blogs have established a clear lead over their left-wing rivals, according to a new report published today...
The Staggers
14 May 2009
Speaker Martin is being lined up as the sacrificial lamb of the expenses scandal and today he achieves the rare feat of...
The Staggers
12 May 2009
Polly turns on Brown Yesterday I noted that Guardian columnist Jackie Ashley once one of Gordon Brown’s biggest press...
The Staggers
11 May 2009
Expenses Last summer, during the period that was until recently considered Gordon Brown’s nadir, Fleet Street was...
30 April 2009
In these straitened times, conspiracy theories remain one guaranteed growth industry. Historians will record the past...
The Staggers
23 April 2009
Much of Fleet Street’s coverage of the Budget focuses on the introduction of the new 50p top tax rate, no doubt partly...
UK Politics
30 March 2009
The 19 states (plus the EU) that make up the G20 are responsible for around 90 per cent of global GDP. A leaked Foreign...
UK Politics
17 March 2009
1. Favourite books: Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert and Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. 2. Political heroes...