Gavin Knight has written for the Guardian, Times, Newsweek, Prospect and Evening Standard. He also has appeared on CNN, Sky, BBC and ITN. He spent two years with frontline police units and dozens of gang members researching his non-fiction book on inner city crime, Hood Rat, published by Picador.

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The Staggers
26 August 2014
A route to a better life.
UK Politics
23 August 2011
The eruption of the underbelly of Britain's cities should come as no surprise. I've seen it at first hand over the past...
15 November 2007
"I don't believe in agitpropaganda," says Robert Redford, with reference to his latest film, Lions for Lambs. A...
International Politics
24 July 2007
One key concern arising from the recent spat with Russia is this awakening superpower is drifting into the foothills of...
Human Rights
09 July 2007
There was an atmosphere of defiance in the air as members of Moscow’s gay community boarded the crowded gangplank for a...