25 September 2014
Reputation on the rise.
Cultural Capital
20 June 2014
Quiet but wise.
14 November 2013
What's good and what's bad about our system - mainly what's bad.
24 October 2013
The worst Education Secretary yet.
13 June 2013
Thirty years ago, on 9 June 1983, Labour went down to its worst ever post-war election defeat. 396 Conservative MPs...
24 January 2013
What’s really going on with this new police investigation into Denis MacShane’s expenses? Months ago, the...
20 February 2012
On 21 February, many of the great and the good will gather at the House of Commons to help the National Union of...
UK Politics
09 January 2012
In 1934, Stalin told Soviet historians to change the way they taught history in schools. He disapproved of their...
19 September 2011
The national education service was created at about the same time as the NHS, but never caught the public imagination...
26 May 2011
It's no accident that the generation born just after the turn of the 20th century produced the last and most...
UK Politics
17 March 2011
There has never been a time when we needed radical political theatre so urgently but, suddenly, it is in short supply....
11 November 2010
Ed Balls may have been overstating it when he told me, "The only thing Michael Gove's academies have in common...
06 September 2010
Michael Gove
04 March 2010
The plate section of The Thirties signals Juliet Gardiner's intention. Among almost 30 pictures, there is only one...
08 January 2010
The baby boomers were a golden generation. Rich people have always had opportunities, but for the ordinary man and...