Frances Wilson is an author, biographer and critic, whose works include The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth. Her most recent book is How to Survive the Titanic, or the Sinking of J Bruce Ismay. She reviews for the TLS, the Telegraph and the New Statesman.

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13 September 2007
According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's university mentor, Professor Joseph Bell, who later became the model for Sherlock...
11 September 2006
Ah, the good old days. The trouble and strife making matchsticks for four shillings a week, the kids up a chimney,...
03 July 2006
What it takes to be a True Blue these days may be getting less certain by the hour, but there is one thing on which we...
Human Rights
06 March 2006
Toothless, cross-eyed and sporting a badly prognathous jaw, John Wilkes, the 18th-century parliamentarian, journalist,...
23 January 2006
Literature, according to F R Leavis, should make you a better person. These days we find this querulous categorising of...