Frances Ryan is a journalist and political researcher. She writes regularly for the Guardian, New Statesman, and others on disability, feminism, and most areas of equality you throw at her. She has a doctorate in inequality in education. Her website is here and you can find her on Twitter as @frances__ryan.

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Frances Ryan
18 June 2013
Facebook’s problem with women is only going to get darker.
Frances Ryan
11 June 2013
Fears are becoming reality.
16 May 2013
Who, she wonders, could feel oppressed by marriage?
Frances Ryan
06 May 2013
Voters of Cornwall: why?
Frances Ryan
24 April 2013
What it's really like to be disabled.
Frances Ryan
18 April 2013
Hitting the same people.
25 March 2013
"Why target the vulnerable?"
13 March 2013
The legal challenge begins.
04 January 2013
The reality of life of benefits.
The Staggers
19 October 2012
"Troubled families" could receive their welfare payments on smart cards, rather than in cash. In a move close...
17 May 2012
It’s no longer enough to be disabled. One must, in modern Britain, be a type. Are you the real type? The genuine...
The Staggers
24 November 2011
This legislation essentially prohibits the public discussion of homosexuality. The British press is depressingly silent...