Frances Ryan is a journalist and political researcher. She writes regularly for the Guardian, New Statesman, and others on disability, feminism, and most areas of equality you throw at her. She has a doctorate in inequality in education. Her website is here and you can find her on Twitter as @frances__ryan.


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10 January 2014
"Deodorant for breasts" is the latest addition to the shame cycle of having a female body.
13 December 2013
It's not hard to say to say that rape might be the fault of the men who decide to rape.
29 November 2013
A new low for the coalition government.
Frances Ryan
11 November 2013
Britain has a clear and shameful lack of social mobility.
Frances Ryan
04 November 2013
That belief confuses the order of things.
Frances Ryan
29 October 2013
"If they were asylum seekers, they would be considered destitute."
Frances Ryan
22 October 2013
The tragic story of Safiya.
Frances Ryan
15 October 2013
Plumbing the depths of human decency.
Business blog
08 October 2013
Need for food banks rises.
Business blog
03 October 2013
"Cold calling companies for 8 to 16 hours a week."
Frances Ryan
02 October 2013
Why you should feel guilty about paying for your children's education.
Frances Ryan
27 September 2013
The world of prejudice is prejudiced like that.
Frances Ryan
16 September 2013
What's wrong with that?
Frances Ryan
03 September 2013
A problem which affects all of society has its roots in classrooms and on the internet, writes Frances Ryan.