Felicity Cloake write the food column for the New Statesman. She also writes for the Guardian and is the author of  Perfect: 68 Essential Recipes for Every Cook's Repertoire (Fig Tree, 2011) and Perfect Host: 162 easy recipes for feeding people & having fun (Fig Tree, 2013). She is on Twitter as @FelicityCloake.

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Food and Drink
23 August 2012
Until recently, if you knew anything about Peruvian cuisine, it would probably be its penchant for cuy – the...
Food and Drink
25 July 2012
What takes your fancy?
04 July 2012
By now, we all know two things about the catering arrangements at the forthcoming Olympic Games. First, a bottle of...
Food and Drink
13 June 2012
You aren't always getting what you've paid for.
Food and Drink
23 May 2012
Chopped liver, boiled fish balls, beetroot soup – to the uninitiated, a kosher restaurant menu reads like printed...
Food and Drink
26 April 2012
There’s a scene in James Cameron’s Titanic that has irritated me ever since I first saw it as a...
Food and Drink
15 March 2012
No sooner has the smugness of the dry-January brigade worn off than we're confronted with another opportunity for self-...
Food and Drink
20 February 2012
As we've been forcibly reminded in recent weeks, Valentine is the patron saint of love (as well as of bee-keepers,...
Food and Drink
25 January 2012
Once seen as the preserve of kings, game is cheap, nutritious, flavourful, and a healthy choice. And you’ll find...
Food and Drink
09 January 2012
With the possible exception of the credulity of the bald-headed man in the field of hair-growers, there is nowhere to...
Food and Drink
08 December 2011
If the mere thought of turkey is enough to send you scurrying back into the bunker of festive denial, then be thankful...
Food and Drink
14 November 2011
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were only two kinds of bread in Britain - dark, knobbly wholemeal, stuffed...
Food and Drink
31 October 2011
"What kind of insects do you rejoice in, where you come from?" the Gnat enquired. "I don't rejoice in...
Food and Drink
03 October 2011
In theory, the new apple season should present the conscientiously egalitarian shopper with the ideal opportunity to...
Food and Drink
19 September 2011
Cool can be a perverse concept. Take the current vogue for speakeasy bars - faithful re-creations of which would seem,...