Felicity Cloake write the food column for the New Statesman. She also writes for the Guardian and is the author of  Perfect: 68 Essential Recipes for Every Cook's Repertoire (Fig Tree, 2011) and Perfect Host: 162 easy recipes for feeding people & having fun (Fig Tree, 2013). She is on Twitter as @FelicityCloake.

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25 April 2013
The horse-meat scandal is now, in our novelty-hungry world, a chestnut as ancient as Shergar, kicked into the long...
20 March 2013
With every pub in the area pushing its St Patrick’s Day menu (aka stew’n’mash), I can’t help...
28 February 2013
Gleeful gore.
07 February 2013
Being conservative in the kitchen.
Food and Drink
17 January 2013
Doughnuts, yes, but not as you know them.
Food and Drink
13 December 2012
Rib of beef or baked turbot? Noel way.
22 November 2012
You can’t beat a biryani.
01 November 2012
Felicity Cloake digs in.
Food and Drink
04 October 2012
Felicity Cloake's food column.
Food and Drink
12 September 2012
The secrets inside an oyster's shell.
Food and Drink
23 August 2012
Until recently, if you knew anything about Peruvian cuisine, it would probably be its penchant for cuy – the...
Food and Drink
25 July 2012
What takes your fancy?
04 July 2012
By now, we all know two things about the catering arrangements at the forthcoming Olympic Games. First, a bottle of...
Food and Drink
13 June 2012
You aren't always getting what you've paid for.
Food and Drink
23 May 2012
Chopped liver, boiled fish balls, beetroot soup – to the uninitiated, a kosher restaurant menu reads like printed...