23 August 2010
This is the month of Pakistan's birth, the month that a generation once claimed for freedom and liberty. But on 14...
23 April 2010
If Pakistan is a land of untold stories, whispered conspiracy theories and closed-door mutinies, then thank heavens for...
International Politics
15 February 2010
Everybody seems to be an expert on the Islamic Republic of Pakistan these days. You can't turn left without running...
International Politics
14 May 2009
Obama and Pakistan
World Affairs
12 March 2009
Pakistan has become a very unusual place. In Lahore, the heart of Pakistani cricket, the Sri Lankan cricket team was...
Human Rights
19 February 2009
Zachary represents scores of America's most secretly guarded prisoners. When he meets his clients, they are often...
International Politics
08 January 2009
The old Bhutto mazaar, or graveyard, is in a small town called Garhi Khuda Bux. It is not fair to call it a town; it’s...
04 December 2008
Dear David, I hope this letter finds you well. Do you mind if I call you David? "Mr Miliband" sounds so formal, given...
30 October 2008
Is Pakistan a failed state? No, but it's damned lousy at pretending it's a democracy. The country's newly elected...