Emanuelle Degli Esposti is the editor and founder of The Arab Review, an online journal covering arts and culture in the Arab world. She also works as a freelance journalist specialising in the politics of the Middle East.

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Music and Performance
07 February 2013
The girl stands awkwardly in the glow of the spotlight, her eyes vacantly staring at the man before her; the man who...
03 July 2012
They risk daily persecution and victimisation.
Cultural Capital
29 February 2012
Rarely has an operatic work been more controversial, or split audiences so cleanly down political lines, than John...
The Staggers
04 February 2012
Source: Getty ImagesCall me an idealist, but I have long harboured the belief that the role of journalism is to ask...
The Staggers
08 July 2011
In an interview published today in the Italian newspaper, La Reppublica, Silvio Berlusconi has announced that he will...
Star Spangled Staggers
07 July 2011
In an effort to reach out to modern America, Barack Obama held his first ever witter town hall meeting on 6 July, in...
The Staggers
06 July 2011
"There is no doubt but that journalists are now in their version of the MP's expenses scandal." These are the...
The Staggers
06 July 2011
It seems there are no depths to which the News of the World will not sink. The news that the parents of Soham murder...
International Politics
05 July 2011
1. Congress races for solution as debt ceiling loomsSenators resumed talks today on the possibility of raising the...
Star Spangled Staggers
05 July 2011
'Understated' is not a word that could generally be used to describe US politics; and 4 July proved to be no exception...
The Staggers
05 July 2011
On Sunday, shocking footage emerged from the Syrian city of Homs in which a man appears to be shot in the head by a...
30 June 2011
The outspoken right-wing columnist Kelvin MacKenzie is defecting, with his weekly column, from the pages of the Sun to...
29 June 2011
The Greek parliament is set to vote on an austerity package to prevent it defaulting on its debts.The 28bn euro package...
The Staggers
27 June 2011
It seems Tom MacMaster, the US graduate student behind the lesbian blogger hoax, has never heard the phrase "once...