Eleanor Margolis is a freelance journalist, whose column "Lez Miserable" appears weekly on the New Statesman website. She tweets @eleanormargolis.

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Lez Miserable
18 June 2013
Fast-track to a life-changing conclusion: I’m too old for this shit.
Lez Miserable
11 June 2013
Modern lesbian vernacular is coy, verging on enigmatic.
Lez Miserable
04 June 2013
For Eleanor Margolis, Gay Pride will always be Out Pride.
Lez Miserable
28 May 2013
The Northern Line is a veritable lesbian hot spot.
Lez Miserable
21 May 2013
Now is the time for uninhibited gay smooching.
Lez Miserable
14 May 2013
Even as a ten-year-old, I couldn’t stand fancy dress. One World Book Day, where primary school children dress as...
Cultural Capital
07 May 2013
Eleanor Margolis meets the high priestess of queer punk.
Lez Miserable
30 April 2013
LGBT people and mental health.
Lez Miserable
23 April 2013
More in common than you might think.
Lez Miserable
09 April 2013
Mostly, use your imagination. And/or the internet.
Lez Miserable
02 April 2013
Hurrah for equal marriage.
Lez Miserable
26 March 2013
Welcome to the most densely populated lesbian space you've ever seen.
Lez Miserable
19 March 2013
I don't want to be your guinea pig.