Eleanor Margolis is a freelance journalist, whose column "Lez Miserable" appears weekly on the New Statesman website. She tweets @eleanormargolis.

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Lez Miserable
18 June 2014
Support their personal strike.
Lez Miserable
30 May 2014
Even Twitter itself is at it.
Lez Miserable
15 May 2014
How online dating has turned singles into perfectionists.
Lez Miserable
30 April 2014
Hurtling towards my quarter century.
Lez Miserable
17 April 2014
Tedious to unsettling and back again.
Lez Miserable
28 March 2014
Lez Miserable.
Lez Miserable
21 March 2014
It didn’t go quite as he’d imagined. . .
Lez Miserable
13 March 2014
Ugly colonial throwback.
Lez Miserable
28 February 2014
I strongly recommend the occasional bout of aloneness.
13 February 2014
Enter lesbians. Observe lesbians. Exeunt.
Lez Miserable
06 February 2014
One twentysomething living at home is a tragedy. A million twentysomethings living at home is a statistic. Actually,...