Eleanor Margolis is a freelance journalist, whose column "Lez Miserable" appears weekly on the New Statesman website. She tweets @eleanormargolis.

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30 January 2014
Once upon a time, lesbians recruited. In the days of the Greenham Common peace camp and dungarees worn without a soup...
Food and Drink
17 January 2014
It's just stew with a pastry hat.
Lez Miserable
16 January 2014
Lesbians, we’ve peaked.
Lez Miserable
07 January 2014
This is a stultifying, macabre trend.
18 December 2013
Three cheers for the “we’re here, we’re queer”-ness of the US Olympic delegation.
17 December 2013
‘‘Small latte ...” The barista in my local coffee shop hands me a cup and I blush like Jane Austen in...
12 December 2013
In the Odeon lobby, The Lesbians are gathering. Middle-aged bespectacled butches shoulder to shoulder with young,...
05 December 2013
Perhaps a cervical screening test is the “gateway to womanhood”, the rite of passage I’ve been waiting for.
03 December 2013
LGBT visibility in sport has come far.
Lez Miserable
28 November 2013
‘‘Everything happens so much” is the most poignant thing ever tweeted by an artist pretending to be a...
21 November 2013
First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist”: so begins...
14 November 2013
Flirting in Lesbianese is a fine art.
Lez Miserable
12 November 2013
In Londonderry, for instance, we would live like a slightly plumper Henry VIII.