05 March 2010
Cockney Siberia
Human Rights
25 January 2010
"You can't build a museum on the bones of our grandfathers and call it the Museum of Tolerance," Mustafa Abu...
International Politics
12 November 2009
Obama's failure
02 July 2009
Crying out for justice
Human Rights
21 May 2009
Settlers or squatters?
Human Rights
16 April 2009
When Binyamin Netanyahu finally announced the make-up of his coalition government on 30 March, two of the most...
Human Rights
15 January 2009
The recent reports that President-elect Barack Obama is considering opening "low-level talks" with Hamas mark a welcome...
Human Rights
30 October 2008
The Israeli soldiers came to raid the sewing workshop in the middle of the night. Lorne Friesen, a 66-year-old Canadian...
22 April 2002
For someone rapidly approaching their 34th birthday, as I am, the most startling statistic in Ruth Brandon's account of...
04 March 2002
In 1950, the mathematician and wartime cryptanalyst Alan Turing devised a test that provides the basis for the modern...
23 April 2001
In the past few years, journalists, politicians and, above all, the market-makers of London's fashionable art scene...
18 September 2000
Few people would choose to drive Britain's motorway system just for the hell of it: if America's highways promise...
21 February 2000
In 1990, the temporary revival in the fortunes of our national team coincided with the birth of a new literary sub-...
24 January 2000
It is easy to see why Alberto Moravia's novels lend themselves to cinematic adaptation: there are moments in The...
05 July 1999
Frederick Exley's life was ruled by one consuming obsession, what he called his "dream of undying fame". Exley planned...