20 February 2014
Novelty of canoes has worn off.
16 January 2014
Nothing if not comprehensive.
03 January 2013
I arrived in Tewkesbury on the November day the flood waters began to subside. The Swilgate, the tributary of the Avon...
09 October 2012
Exploring Hebron.
19 July 2012
The spirit of Scouse.
03 April 2012
An enduring affection for English Journey – a book that its author, J B Priestley, described as a “rambling...
27 February 2012
Shadow of success: this boy's mother can't afford to buy him a ticket to the Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow. One in...
08 February 2012
Growth must be the focus
31 October 2011
One of the reasons I've always been fascinated by J B Priestley's English Journey - a "rambling but truthful...
27 June 2011
Food and anarchy
01 October 2010
Future Movements: JerusalemContemporary Urban Centre, LiverpoolA short film by the French-Moroccan artist Bouchra...
Human Rights
30 August 2010
Day 33 of the sit-in at the Red Cross compound in East Jerusalem began much like those that preceded it. The three...
05 March 2010
Cockney Siberia
Human Rights
25 January 2010
"You can't build a museum on the bones of our grandfathers and call it the Museum of Tolerance," Mustafa Abu...
International Politics
12 November 2009
Obama's failure