Ed Smith is a journalist and author, most recently of Luck: What It Means and Why It Matters (Bloomsbury, £8.99). He is a former professional cricketer and played for both Middlesex and England. He is on Twitter as @EdSmithWriter

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19 July 2012
The cult of busyness is a cutural malaise.
04 July 2012
All things considered, I should have spent more time in form – somewhere near the top of my game – than I...
29 March 2012
It sounds crazy, given how often we refer to it in everyday life, but the idea of luck has been under attack....
12 March 2012
The US economist H Woody Brock isn't satisfied with feeling that, on balance, he is on the right side of the argument....
01 March 2012
It's not me, it's you. They are English football's final words to every manager as he heads for the exit...
31 October 2011
Notes on Them and US: from the Mayflower to Obama - the British, the Americans and the Special Relationship Justin...
06 October 2011
Rafa: My Story Rafael Nadal with John CarlinSphere, 272pp, £17.99Golden ages are usually tricks of history, myths born...
16 July 2010
The challenge of writing a book about a celebrated sports match is that we already know the ending. Where's the drama?...
25 April 2010
In the age of the Indian Premier League, it is hard to believe that the English distinction between gentlemen and...