Ed Cox is Director at IPPR North. He tweets @edcox_ippr.

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30 March 2015
Brokering democratic change: the possibilities of English devolution with a Scottish accen
The Staggers
18 March 2014
Meaningful power and autonomy.
The Staggers
03 August 2013
Why Janan Ganesh is wrong about economic agglomeration.
The Staggers
27 June 2013
At Budget time we are now familiar with tables setting out the impact of announcements – particularly tax and...
The Staggers
12 April 2013
The launch of the North East Independent Economic Review, chaired by Andrew Adonis, provides further evidence that...
Economics blog
20 March 2013
It's two nation Britain.
The Staggers
18 March 2012
Does the chancellor have answers?