25 July 2013
Observer film critic retires.
19 August 2002
Presenting the skyline of New York as a manifestation of our collective imagination sounds mawkishly topical, but you...
27 March 2000
Michel Faber's first novel opens with a mysterious woman preying on hitchhikers from her battered Toyota Corolla in the...
10 January 2000
The Blair Witch Project expanded our definition of what constitutes a cult movie because, insidiously hyped, it entered...
18 October 1999
J M Coetzee is most famous for his Booker prize-winning novel, Life and Times of Michael K (1983). His big theme, in...
Food and Drink
09 August 1999
Kurt Andersen, a contributor to the New Yorker, recently wrote one of those prodigious interview profiles that the...
26 April 1999
Your opinion of this atmospheric first novel will partly be driven by your experience of the London transport system...