Dominic Ponsford is editor of Press Gazette

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16 April 2014
Made editor of the Telegraph in 2009.
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23 July 2013
"Failed catastrophically in their duty."
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16 July 2013
News Corp has gone to great lengths to draw a line under the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. News...
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02 July 2013
News UK boss Mike Darcey today condemned the vast online readership numbers claimed by the likes of Mail Online and...
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21 June 2013
Labour leader at the Statesman's centenary party.
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18 June 2013
With Google Reader now just two weeks away from being smothered with a virtual pillow by the powers that be at the...
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28 May 2013
If declining print newspapers don’t find a way to monetise their growing digital audiences they will go out of...
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08 May 2013
How going digital-only became a positive move for publishers.
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30 April 2013
In danger of plucking defeat out of the jaws of victory.
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23 April 2013
Murdoch can take the losses.
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06 February 2013
Those who despised the News of the World’s fascination with the sex lives of the powerful and famous should...
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17 January 2013
Facebook is private, surely?
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11 January 2013
All down except for Guardian, Telegraph, Financial Times.
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09 January 2013
Cat's already out of the bag.