Diane Abbott is the shadow public health minister and the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

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The Staggers
05 March 2013
Everyone is still talking about the lessons of Eastleigh. But the worst lesson that any mainstream political party...
The Staggers
06 May 2012
He was a pioneering politician.
21 September 2010
David Cameron's idea of the "big society" has been widely derided. It is commonly seen - even by other Tory...
UK Politics
27 March 2008
London needs Ken Livingstone for many reasons. The first is that he is far and away the most qualified candidate. First...
06 November 2000
Saturday: I and my son are sitting on a Virgin Train in the middle of a field. It hasn't moved for two and a half hours...
12 March 1999
I am sitting here at five in the morning laboriously typing out this, my first New Statesman diary. My brilliant...