Denis MacShane is MP for Rotherham and was a minister at Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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The Staggers
27 March 2012
The latest sleaze scandal is a symptom of a chronic malady which will not be cured until all parties accept that...
The Staggers
16 March 2012
This morning, 16 March, a 47-year-old British woman, Monica Lowenberg, placed a wreath at the foot of the Freedom...
The Staggers
05 March 2012
The fight against anti-semitism has just got a whole lot more difficult. The Conservatives, Socialists and Liberals in...
International Politics
23 February 2012
Three decades ago, a French politician flew to Washington to take part in a left-wing conference. The editor of the New...
26 January 2012
As one of the politicians involved in settlement of the phone-hacking cases on 19 January, I believe it should mark the...
The Staggers
07 July 2011
The hi-oratory debate on the Murdoch family and their phone-hacking epigones over-shadowed a debate on Afghanistan in...
The Staggers
14 June 2011
Has the political class lost all memory? The comparisons between Ed Miliband and his two immediate predecessors as...
The Staggers
26 May 2011
Can the Balkans finally turn the page? Ratko Mladic, the Serb general who was Milosevic's military spear-carrier in the...
The Staggers
14 April 2011
A few days ago, Oliver Letwin got into trouble after he said he did not want to see people from Sheffield using cheap...
The Staggers
08 March 2011
Can the left, or more specifically Labour, learn from its history? In an important article in the Times (£), David...
The Staggers
04 March 2011
On Monday David Miliband warned about the growing subterranean strength of a new politics based on flag, soil, and mono...
The Staggers
02 March 2011
Under attack
The Staggers
17 February 2011
What we are seeing in the Middle East is an uprising, a rupture, not yet a revolution. Two heads of government have...
30 December 2009
On Vince Cable
03 August 2009
The New Statesman's revelations about the Jew-baiting past of David Cameron's anointed European ally Michal Kaminski...