Denis MacShane is MP for Rotherham and was a minister at Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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30 October 2012
The pro-European case for a cut.
The Staggers
17 October 2012
What is wrong with Serbia? Last night it seemed as if all the work of UEFA at Euro 2012 to make football free of racism...
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21 September 2012
The appalling brutality revealed within Georgian prisons is a stark reminder of how much remains to be done to make the...
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19 September 2012
We've achieved all we can.
International Politics
06 September 2012
Returning to South Africa after a long absence was to feel that everything had changed but everything was still the...
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20 August 2012
What Russia wants it gets if it can.
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05 August 2012
A spectre is haunting the Balkans. Twenty five years after Slobodan Milosevic launched the nationalist conflicts with a...
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02 August 2012
 In August 1999, I wrote a memo for Tony Blair entitled "Why George W Bush Will be the Next President of the...
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22 June 2012
Fifty years ago, the United States and United Kingdom, were so worried about economic and political stability in the...
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18 June 2012
Pro-Europeans won in both countries.
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08 June 2012
Not since two black US athletes raised their fists in solidarity with the civil rights struggle back home as they were...
09 May 2012
In 1981, I was there at la Bastille as François Mitterrand won control of the Élysée after 25...
The Staggers
02 May 2012
We must stand up for human rights.
26 April 2012
It was a fine goodbye to one of the New Statesman’s finest. Christopher Hitchens discovered himself as a...
18 April 2012
The French left has come back to life.