29 May 2013
Continuing our "What makes us human?" series.
14 October 2010
On 15 June 1990, I was one of 20 senior representatives of the British film world invited to 10 Downing Street by...
04 December 2006
Towards the end of a recent BBC Question Time programme, Polly Toynbee received a thunderous round of applause when she...
International Politics
19 December 2005
Does political cinema mirror life? How much impact can a movie have on its audience? To what extent is it able to...
28 June 2004
In recent years, it has become almost commonplace to claim that Hollywood has stolen our history. Newspapers in the UK...
09 February 2004
I've come to believe that a quiet, almost imperceptible change is under way among global corporate and political...
19 August 2002
For the very best part of his life, my father was a press photographer - a good and very committed photojournalist. I...