Cultural Capital
25 June 2015
It's here to stay.
Cultural Capital
12 February 2015
Soviet? So be it.
04 September 2014
Unclear if ceasefire will hold.
31 July 2014
Deadliest since 9/11.
17 April 2014
“For ever with Russia”
World Affairs
27 November 2013
A little bit of history has just been made. On 24 November, Iran and the P5+1 (the five UN Security Council powers and...
International Politics
17 October 2013
Is the new president of the Islamic Republic the west’s best hope of détente?
The Staggers
30 October 2012
Last month, I caught a flight to Israel to watch an Israeli think-tank war game an attack on Iran. With me was the film...
International Politics
09 January 2012
A two-square-mile grid of central Beirut offers a clue to Lebanon's troubles. Dominating the city's western quarter,...
02 December 2010
On 30 June, the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence from Belgium. Over the...
24 May 2010
It's not easy writing about the young. Many a competent writer has stumbled into hilarious solecism (think C P Snow's...
International Politics
18 February 2010
What went wrong?