David Miliband is the  President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee
He was foreign secretary from 2007 until 2010 and MP for South Shields from 2001 until this year. 

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UK Politics
01 July 2010
How Labour can win over England
International Politics
21 January 2010
Afghanistan needs us
International Politics
02 April 2009
The deep divisions over the invasion of Iraq remain. But as our troops return over the next four months, I hope we can...
22 September 2008
At the next election, foreign policy can be a winner for Labour. But only if we demonstrate why it is integral to...
UK Politics
19 July 2007
Every foreign secretary quotes Lord Palmerston, who famously said we have no permanent allies and no permanent enemies...
UK Politics
02 April 2007
Politics requires many virtues - organisation, ideas, resolution, luck. But chief among them is the hardest to define:...