12 September 2013
This suffering man, far from home, is one of the great writers of his time.
TV and Radio
01 June 2013
BBC2's Iraq War reviewed.
30 May 2013
Why are there so few black people on TV?
Cultural Capital
28 May 2013
What is its legacy?
15 May 2013
A "place to think"?
10 May 2013
Small Wars, Far Away Places: the Genesis of the Modern World, 1945-65 Michael Burleigh Macmillan, 592pp, £25...
TV and Radio
27 February 2013
Horlicks for Chummy.
13 December 2012
In Two Minds: a Biography of Jonathan Miller Kate Bassett Oberon Books, 488pp, £20 Jonathan Miller has had...
15 November 2012
What happens to the BBC after the humiliating departure of George Entwistle? There need to be two kinds of change....
25 October 2012
A culture of unreason.
Art and Design
23 August 2012
As Mark Thompson prepares to become chief executive of the New York Times, the tributes have been fulsome. The...
Cultural Capital
06 July 2012
Entwistle needs to frighten the horses.
13 June 2012
Golden Harvest: Events at the Periphery of the Holocaust Jan Tomasz Gross with Irena Grudzinska Gross Oxford...
05 March 2012
Film: a Very Short Introduction Michael WoodOxford University Press, 152pp, £7.99Michael Wood's first book on cinema,...