13 August 2013
And what can be done?
15 August 2012
Poker is pure social Darwinism.
TV and Radio
13 June 2012
I used to love Radio 3. The station seemed to represent a significant part of what the BBC was meant to be: with a...
TV and Radio
27 February 2012
Listening to Stuart Maconie's "how-mad-are-we-to-call-ourselves-the-Freak-Zone?" (Sundays, 6pm) is like being...
02 January 2012
In the mid-1980s, the Everyman in Hampstead was the most genteel of the art-house cinemas in London. The Scala in King'...
01 August 2011
How Dolly Got Rotherham ReadingRadio 4One of the strengths of radio - its ability to make imaginative worlds through a...
31 March 2011
The ReunionRadio 4Thirty years ago, the first of the 1981 riots broke out in Brixton in London. On Friday 10 April, a...
TV and Radio
24 March 2011
The Life and Afterlife of Wilhelm ReichRadio 3Wilhelm Reich's is one of those exemplary, half-forgotten 20th-century...
05 October 2010
There was something miraculous about Bob Dylan, circa 1965-66. You can hear it in the albums he recorded in those years...
International Politics
16 August 2010
In the humid hell of the Vietnamese jungle, during one of the more stupid and dismal wars of the 20th century,...
26 July 2010
In June, at Sadler's Wells, Mozart's unfinished opera Zaide was given a run-out. The composer abandoned the work in his...
TV and Radio
11 June 2010
The Mary Whitehouse EffectRadio 1Africa Make Some Noise!Radio 1For her account of the public career of the anti-...
07 June 2010
It can be hard from this distance, 42 years after his killing, to remember how important Martin Luther King was. His...
03 May 2010
The photograph on this page was taken at the Cannes Film Festival in 1971. Four men gaze towards the camera with...
05 November 2009
You don't get a lot of commas in a James Ellroy book. Ellroy's sentences are simple, declarative, and usually brutal:...