David Clark is the editor of Shifting Grounds.

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The Staggers
13 May 2015
From the frying pan and into the fire.
The Staggers
30 April 2015
The clue is in the title.
The Staggers
23 March 2015
Our own worst enemy.
The Staggers
06 March 2015
Retreat disguised as strategy.
The Staggers
28 November 2014
Buggin's turn principle.
The Staggers
02 October 2014
Altering the political trajectory.
The Staggers
17 September 2014
It can do better.
The Staggers
27 June 2014
We need a European energy union.
Cultural Capital
28 February 2014
Life after west.
The Staggers
24 February 2014
The EU cannot afford a wait and see approach.
31 October 2011
Mafia State Luke HardingGuardian Books, 320pp, £20Heads turned last year when WikiLeaks released US diplomatic cables...
The Staggers
11 May 2010
I have devoted a considerable part of my adult life to advocating and working towards a political realignment that...
17 March 2009
This may seem like one for anoraks only, but David Cameron’s decision to honour his leadership election promise to...
29 May 2006
George Bush and Tony Blair are not the only supporters of regime change attempting to reclaim the political initiative...