David Blanchflower is economics editor of the New Statesman and professor of economics at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

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20 April 2011
Inequality grows
19 April 2011
There is a long tradition in the United States of presidents putting party politics aside in order to work with ex-...
15 April 2011
In his Budget speech, the Chancellor George Osborne claimed that: "Our country's fiscal plans have been strongly...
15 April 2011
For three weeks in 1944 the economic world came to New Hampshire to talk to John Maynard Keynes about the new economic...
11 April 2011
George Osborne has consistently claimed that every international organisation supports his policy positions....
05 April 2011
The battle over the appropriateness of the coalition's economic policy has truly commenced and the amateurs are no...
04 April 2011
 I thought my holiday snap from Australia of a black swan plus audience might be of interest. As keen New...
04 April 2011
There was a big announcement on the jobs front in the United States today. McDonald's announced that, on a single day,...
31 March 2011
Could we follow Portugal?
28 March 2011
There were two big stories today relating to external members of the MPC. The first was by Andrew Sentance who, in an...
24 March 2011
Apparently, the Chancellor is going to be "watching like a hawk to make sure that motorists get the benefit of the...
UK Politics
24 March 2011
The new book by my Dartmouth colleague Doug Irwin, Peddling Protectionism: Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression, was...
16 March 2011
More Budget woes
15 March 2011
We are publishing here for the first time a puzzling letter from Iain Duncan Smith to the Office for National...
14 March 2011
Lost generation