David Blanchflower is economics editor of the New Statesman and professor of economics at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

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11 August 2011
I have long been concerned about the dangers of the high levels of youth unemployment, which stands at about 20 per...
07 August 2011
The economic neanderthals are out in full force, led by Tim Montgomerie in the Telegraph. I fell about laughing when I...
04 August 2011
Sanity prevailed at last in the United States, as the Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, had insisted it would....
02 August 2011
At the beginning of the week, the CBI lowered its UK forecast for 2012 from 1.7 per cent to 1.3 per cent and continues...
UK Politics
28 July 2011
Get out, Vince
21 July 2011
There is more economic trouble brewing in the United States and Europe. In an apparently wilful act of sabotage, US...
14 July 2011
I continue my globetrotting. Believe me, it isn't that glamorous -­ the hotels all look the same and you never really...
08 July 2011
Crime rates in the UK have fallen sharply over the past decade or so, but these advances are likely to be reversed by...
UK Politics
07 July 2011
Thankfully, the MPC did the right thing and kept rates on hold, in contrast to the ECB, which raised rates to 1.5 per...
04 July 2011
High street gloom
29 June 2011
Despite the hysteria from some right-wing bloggers over the size of the deficit, few seem to have even an elementary...
24 June 2011
The clock is ticking for the world economy. It is too fragile to deal with another financial cataclysm of the kind that...
23 June 2011
The world economy appears to be slowing. This is bad news for Slasher and the UK economy.This morning, Markit released...